Diamond Painting 5D – Big 5 Greyscale

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Pre-order : This product is will take about 4 weeks to arrive as it is shipped from China.

Round dots diamond painting – 2.8 x 2.8mm.
All out painting have between 10-50 colours
No frame included. Picture can be block mounted or framed.

DIY Package Includes: Rolled up canvas to avoid creases, dots, tools.
Completed Package Includes: Rolled up canvas with dots attached.

How to complete the DIY canvas:
A. Open the parcel and take out all diamonds.
B. Adhere a little glue to the top of the pen.
C. Find the corresponded diamonds using check-list on the side of canvas.
D. Lift diamonds with drill pen.
E. Put diamonds onto correct place marked on canvas.
F. Press the finished art, making sure it is strongly attached.
G. After finishing, you can use suitable frame to frame and hang on the wall.